Monday, October 02, 2006

I was tagged last week by my lovely wife and even though I should be reading ahead in Property (not because I am overly ambitious, but because I have two weekends that I will be out of town this month), I thought I'd take a moment to respond.

The challenge was to name 5 weird things about you or your pet. I'm not going to tag anyone else, because I mostly read law student blogs, and I just don't have the heart to lead them into temptation. (Oh, yes, I do, but not today!)

1) I have a wishbone-shaped scar on the inside of my left hand. (It's always with me for good luck!)

2) I like to lay in bed with one arm raised up in the air. It causes an odd sensation. (I don't do this a lot.)

3) I really like whole cranberry sauce in my chili. (Family thing)

4) Sometimes I prefer M&M's over really good dark chocolate. (Though not frequently. Yes, the M&M's darks are good, but not quite "real" M&M's.)

5) I don't mind getting wet in the rain, and sometimes do it on purpose with my kids, as long as I get to go inside my house afterwards to dry off and get dry clothes. (Not so much fun right before class with the air conditioning blowing on you even though it's only 65 degrees in the room.)

There! I did it! Should anyone want to feel tagged and use this on their own blog, consider yourself tagged!

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Casey said...

Regarding #2 - this totally cracks me up now but at the beginning of our relationship I have to admit that I thought you were quite odd. :)